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July 30, 2009


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I'm sorry Mary! This is sad news. Oh, Skanky. What a beautiful kitty.


My heart is with you all.


Liz Massey Gendel

I'm so sorry for your loss! I'm sure this is a very sad time, and I hope ya'll are doing well. Give my sympathy to Trixie.
Love, Liz


Sorry about that Mary, she was such a beautiful cat!

Sherryl Mascarinas

Mary, I am so sorry! I hope that you know that she lived a good life with you for 13 years. So very lucky.


Awe, you guys really are the best. Thank you for all your warm wishes.

Eileen Smith

I am so sorry about Skanky. Isn't it just like a lady to ease her departure for the people she loves.


It doesn't make it any easier when they know that it's their time to go. My Snowbelle used to lie down on my chest whenever I lounged on the couch, except for the last night she was with me. She came over, but only sat on my chest and looked into my face like she was trying to commit my features to memory. The next day, she couldn't get up.

I cried for two months.

I am so sorry about your kitty.

brenda salzano

I am so sorry! It must be the time for tears, as on a friday, My gorgeous blue merle shelti Joanna was diagnosed with incurable cancer, when I took her in for a simple blocked anal gland. It was cancer. After crying all weekend, I was ready to do the whole care for my pet, decided tohave her groomed tuesday. She ate for me, barked at a cat running by our yard, did her jump for joy that morning. I dropped her off at groomers, and while sleeping and waiting for her shower, she died in her sleep! sigh...... she was 11. So I feel for you!! I have had animals my whole life. Cats will go off to die alone if they can. It is their way. darn, I may cry again.

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